Photo from video for "Lucifer rising"
Photo from video for "Lucifer rising" by RoryDCS.

Midway is the new ending, why bother finishing if the process getting there says all you need to say. With a back ground in fashion and magazine editing Russell Dean Stone has brought that ability to cross reference laterally to a new level, his unabashed love affair of a kind of retro new age psychedelic tortured romance is played out for all its worth through a series of torch songs embracing his Depeche mode/Morrissey influences. The energy and zeal with which Russell approaches his music making is played out through his myspace and Facebook, uploading demos and work in progress, tantalising glimpses from videos and shoots, more than just another blog by blog of everything you never wanted to know about me affair this documentation serves as insight into a generous spirit of mind and instinct. Russell is delighted to have the chance to do what he does, relishing his references in a slightly dark kitsch synthesiser way, inviting and seeking collaborators to pursue as visceral a translation as possible of his ideas.
A gig planned for Wed night at  Underbelly, Hoxton Square,  will no doubt be discovery of whether all that can be translated to the crowd, what I hope is its not stripped backed, its needs the projectors, the lights, the costumes and of course Russell, you want to see if it all works, because you wont see it again, next time it will have shifted and moved on to explore or include more, its a work in progress based on pure joy, a familiar sound with an unfamiliar perverse twist, that is what will hopefully translate.

Image by www.rorydcs.com

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