Up-to our armpits in issue 4, promise its on its way.  But so far we have been falling in and out of obsession with all things feral and the metamorphosis from human to creature, why, we aren’t quite sure yet, perhaps  it just makes sense that you might just consume yourself so much that you could transgress or slip without notice to scratching around in the grass.  Ideas stolen or referenced from Marcus Coates are recurring , communication in reverse from them to us and through us etc.  Coates work varies greatly in output  but one of the more quieter works, “Dawn Chorus” humans taught to recreate bird song with the help of digital technology is arresting, compelling and slightly disturbing.  The separation between human and animal becomes less apparent as one speaks through the other. Unifying some sort of base necessity and link.

Marcus Coates, heavily influenced by Shamanism, uses film, audio, performance and still life to attempt to solve little mysteries like, ‘why do cats understand what your saying?’ Coates believes that by aligning his psyche with ‘lower world’ animals (such as birds and rabbits), and essentially becoming them, he will discover the answer to these questions.

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