Yes, we said it, “street style” the non cash cow for easy fashion coverage. This wasn’t the best year for the adventurously dressed, but it certainly was the most desperate year for street style snappers, like flies of the oddly coloured shoe or unnecessary accessory. So not to be out done, we got our own team of people to passer by spot, but with with sketch book and pencil at the ready.  Some deliciously abstract results.  xx /-

Dasha Selyanova
A guy wearing an oversized pink cashmere jacket, printed silk skirt, psychodelic patterned leggings, a white cotton bag and a red umbrella.
Illustration by Dasha Selyanova
A guy wearing a suit with horizontal and vertical stripes and check trousers, all black and white.
Illustration by Dasha Selyanova
Wrinkled leather guy. A Japanese guy who was wearing a coat made from an antique looking leather; wrinkled, scratched, etc. His belt was made from elongated metal pieces put together across two rows. And sunglasses.
Illustration by Dasha Selyanova
Punks not dead, sort of. Mohawk, washed out denim/cotton coat (black, green and grey) and a pleated crème blouse underneath.
Illustration by Dasha Selyanova
Furry girl. Vintage fur jacket with a simple black silk dress underneath.
Illustration by Dasha Selyanova
Guys in stripes. On the left: jersey striped cardigan, black trousers, light green shoes. On the right: stripy suit and grey mat leather shoes.
Illustration by Dasha Selyanova.
A guy in a futuristic, shiny, plastic, Gareth Pughesque coat.
Illustration by Dasha Selyanova
Leopard Girl. A girl waiting for somebody at the reception area. She was wearing a beautiful oversized stone-washed denim jacket (80’s style) and jeans. She also had a scarf wrapped around her head.


All illustrations by Dasha Selyanova, BA Fashion student, University of Hertfordshire.

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