‘OH! MY DOG’ love from the inside-out.

‘OH! MY DOG’  The story of a dog lover who loves his dog too much and wants to spend every minute with him, so strong is his passion for the dog that he looks to any possibilities that he may be bound with his beloved dog forever.  So he chopped him up and put his dog’s organs in his pockets and inside his trousers and now he wears the dog guts print jumpsuit so he can feel the dog surrounding him, all over his body. His clothes are dipped into dog blood and he smiles in the dark night of a playground recalling the moments he spent with his dog…
A collection exploring the extreme love and relationship between owners and pets through the anatomy of humans and dogs.

Fashion for fashion sake, no way, this is ideas for ideas sake, unashamedly making a statement for the nonsensical. The boy and his dogs guts is quite a touching story of misplaced connections,  but pumped up with a cartoonish translation that desperation becomes a big shout out, I love my new doggy blood dip dyed jumpsuit, I am happy. That St Martins Fashion&Textiles graduate Chi He has focused his degree collection in this direction is a shared message with his protagonist,  my pursuit pleases me and it gives me powers. A definite nod to an aesthetic dreamt up from boys comics to 90s gadgetry and games, its not about selling clothes its about sharing a communication and reference point for future explorations. As Chi suggests, “What I think is really inspiring and keeps me going is the spirit of fun and purity,  just like childhood memories. Bonkers yes!, unnecessary no!.

Design development, by Chi He.

Images by Buzz Chen(http://buzzchen.co.uk/)