LAURENCEAIRLINE SS12 – Abidjan 05BP film

LAURENCEAIRLINE is the menswear label teaming the contemporary basics of European style with an irrepressible African energy. Utilising the skills of Ivory Coast craftsmen and women in it’s ‘African Atelier’, the brand aims to develop skills and employment, giving back to a local community that’s witnessed it’s country struggle with violence and political unrest since 2002.

Summer 2012 sees Paris-based designer Laurence release an optimistic collection of simple shirting remixed in chambray patchworks, crisp cottons and (literally) eye popping ethnic prints. Teamed with matching boxer shorts, the look is like a Côte d’Ivoire Comme Des Garcons. Named after LAURENCEAIRLINE’s hometown, Abidjan, the collection has been presented in a short film shot on location by filmmaker Philippe Galowich and in association with Under/Current Magazine.

The film's accompanying images, presented here, communicate the Ivory Coast's rich natural beauty and dusty warm colours - a perfect backdrop for the collection's fresh 'n' clean styling. www.laurenceairline.com







One thought on “LAURENCEAIRLINE SS12 – Abidjan 05BP film

  1. tres nice superbe couleur ki manke 1 pe dans la mode surtou ke picasso c inspirer de l afrik. continue dans ce sens l afrik t aime… un admirateur du pays…
    ps: j attend des trunks…

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