Wooden objects by Courtney Price 2011.

Accessibility of ideas is of course a good thing but beyond the mass of personal blogs of  borrowed references it is becoming increasingly harder to establish a sense of origin and context. But the open space of shared information has made way for the rebirth of the Curator, recognising  the opportunity to design content and contexts  against a back drop of  homogenised reflections of taste. Like mobile libraries of the past there is a make and do aesthetic of emerging Art and Design Platforms online, informed contextual awareness of process and output  with a shared slightly clunky common cause, clever ideas in a bigger space for more people. It is a band wagon for sure, but in the right direction.

Remote is an online arts exhibition/platform which involves artists and curators in it’s online projects for a 6 month period after which the collected curated work is then compiled into a hard copy book version. An invited curator selects a changing collection of artists work, each instalment a further development on a particular theme.
The current project is curated by Hong Kong based artist Anna Gleeson,  “Homo Faber” is a perspective on craft and processes, “I’m interested in making as an activity in its own right. I like to trace the series of decisions the maker has made and to notice the mark of the hand, machine or process that made it.”

Quite an altruistic endeavour on its outset, it will be interesting to see how Remote continuous. The book version of the first curated project “Transcendental Freakout” will be launched soon.

Words: DP


S.E. Nash - Solar Wind, 2010.
S.E. Nash - Small Parts Manufacturing, ongoing acrylic on sintra, various sizes.
Brion Nuda Rosch - Natural Form on Plinth, 2011.
Brion Nuda Rosch - Monument Struck Cactus, 2010.
Brion Nuda Rosch - Richard Vs. Richard and a Conversation with Joe about ABEX, 2011



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