I think we all try to  express our inner world by different means. It`s a matter of disposition.  I show my entity by drawing. I love it because it helps to incarnate bodiless ideas swarming in my head into something palpable.  I draw until my eyes tell me to stop. You  know this feeling, when you look at the picture and nothing annoys you. It`s an inexplicable thing for me, since I could turn angry looking at the picture and then draw something to restore  the balance. Some pictures come out very simple,  some pictures become more sophisticated. So if I use the space right, I could develop concept widely. If I had a mistake, it fated to stay simple.
My head is always full of ideas and I’m forced to draw them as fast as possible for the sake of a quite sleep… I am a person of impulse when it comes to work, I never nurture ideas, dawdling with details or something.  And I’m devilishly critical against my works, I’m never satisfied. But I give them (or I should say “myself”) just one chance, never return to improve something. That`s why I hate retrospectives…
 One part of me is inclined to draw languishing modernist portraits (with all those flowers, snakes and unhealthy looking persons) but the other one is very  enthusiastic (as you can see from the-dose) about quick and funny pictures.
The same thing with projects, I just can’t decide what I love most. I’ve been drawing avidly for the first vinyl release at Peripheral Records (which is 18 cm x 18 cm) and was pretty comfortable with drawing 4 meters long dragon for Lane Crawford main window.
So, no matter what scale and what purpose, I love doing my thing to make people a tad happier. I sounds like a crazy idealist, no? But that`s me, and I need a project to use lots of energy (I still have lots), which finally will bring me total satisfaction at least for a short while

Poster design by Slashstroke Magazine as part of the G0 Figure  publication that accompanies the show.

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