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Photography by David Poole.

Stylinng by Lucy Fine.

Photographed at The Rose Lipman.

Models: Max @Nevs, Nastya @M&Pmodels and Tribly Fox.

1. Nastya: Blouse Danielle Romerill, leather skirt Beyond Retro. Max: Bomber jacket by Martine Rose, T-shirt Ralph Lauren, trousers Smith-Wykes.

2. Max: Jacket Alexander Benekritis, jeans Beyond Retro.

3. Nastya: Jumper Smith-Wykes, dress Danielle Romeril.
4. Nastya: Jacket by  Vidur, skirt by ZDDZ.
5. Max: Vest vintage Aquascutum, trousers by Vidur.
6: Trilby Fox.
7. Max: Jacket and trousers by Alex Benekritis, T-shirt Models own.
8. Nastya: T-Shirt from Topman, culottes by Leutton Postle.
9. Max: T-shirt models own, shirt  by Vidur, trousers Martine Rose.
10. Nastya: Bomber jacket by ZDDZ, dress by Leutton Postle.
11. Max: Bomber Jacket by Martine Rose , shirt Alex Benekritis, trousers by Matthew Miller.
12. Nastya: t-shirt and dress ZDDZ.  Max:  T-shirt Alex Benekritis trousers stylists own.

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