A Slashstroke project in collaboration with MDX & BHSAD.

Design, communication, context and currency.

Understanding the inherent influences that inform our thinking, and how we access and communicate them within design and output, is key to creating dynamic and competitive work.

This project aims to explore the dynamics within cultural influences and modern communication and establish new ways of promoting and explaining modern design thinking.

Students will collaborate and communicate in the development of project, working from different perspectives and sharing their process of work to produce a new platform of expression and engagement that promotes global networking and flexible, progressive thinking.

FCS student’s work is about the modern communication of design in terms of art direction, styling, image making and editorial. The ideal opportunity is to work with design students who are exploring fashion, manufacturing and garment creation. This interplay and collaboration is an opportunity to think of the fashion design process in relation to a wider audience and vice versa for fashion communication to investigate a broader spectrum of reference and external contexts.

FCS and FD students will each share work that is a reflection of their current thinking and practice. At set stages the work is swapped over a shared network and each team will have the chance to utilize and develop ideas and create new shared output.

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