Writer and artist Frankie Kane has contributed to every issue of /- mag, usually having the task of writing the introductory essay in each issue which establishes the general topic for discussion. In /- issue 1 ‘whats good about new?‘ we had his first essay by the same title and an interview with the band Django Django. In /- issue 2 ‘The inside-out issue‘ Frankie’s essay Labyrinth  sets out the riddle of inside-out and the struggle within and in  /- issue 3 ‘2nd skin‘ his article Avant-garde externalises the question. In /- issue 4 ‘Faux Zen‘ Frankie’s essay Destination Zen acknowledges the power of the pursuit which is illustrated further in his interview with artist and musician Billy Childish. In our latest issue 2D3D Frankie was offered a partial escape from words and showcased his new art work in Prismatic extasis (2d3d and beyond). 

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